поставки кашемира, пухя яка, верблюжьей шерсти из Монголии


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“GOYO” LLC was established on the foundation of a former primary fiber processing company Mongol Amicale later MCCWC (Mongolia Cashmere Camel Wool Company). The company has started knitting high quality cashmere, camel and yak wool garments 14 years ago using 50 years of vast knowledge and experience inherited from Amicale Industries Inc, a former parent company of Mongol Amicale. The main investor is MCS group ( www.mcs.mn ) number 3 tax payer in to Mongolian budget.

Currently, the company is a vertically integrated manufacturer. All stages of production starting from sorting, scouring, dehairing, spinning, knitting and finishing is all done under one roof enhancing GOYO’s flexibility to produce to its customers’ specification easily and to react quickly to the requirements of designers and customer sampling.

Our products are sold internationally. We are one of the biggest Mongolian dehaired cashmere exporter to England, Italy, Japan and other regions where the worldwide recognized fashion labels using our materials for the top class cashmere garment production. Also we export our pure 100% high quality cashmere, camel wool and yak wool yarns and garments to countries such as Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Denmark, East European countries and Japan both by own GOYO brand or other labels.


The factory’s annual processing capacities are 500 tons of raw cashmere and camel wool, 250 tons of de-haired cashmere and camel wool, 180 tons of yarns and approximately 300,000 pieces of high quality cashmere and camel wool garments, which is expected to be increased continuously.

GOYO’s manufacturing facility is equipped with the most advanced and specifically designed technology from US, UK and Italy. The dehairing machinery is the finest in Mongolia.

The company is consulted by a staff of experienced and highly qualified experts directly involved in production and design. It also has made use of technicians and consultants from the traditional centers of cashmere industry.

The company’s processing of cashmere and other fibers such as camel and yak wool includes operations such as:

  • Initial processing line – sorting, scouring and dehairing (cashmere, camel and yak wool);
  • Spinning line – blending, carding, spinning, winding;
  • Finishing line – knitting, sewing and finishing

The GOYO has been numerously recognized by the government of Mongolia for its hard work and competence and has been awarded as the “Factory of the Year”, “Best Brand of the Year”, “Enterprise of the Year Grand Prix”, “Light Industry Best Product” the largest Trade Show organized in Mongolia, “Top 100 Company” and “Best 99 Products” from the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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